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Search Engine Optimization, Domain Services and Web Design

What are the ingredients for successful marketing, especially Internet marketing. To have a good domain with relevant, important keywords in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is important for search engines to know what your site is all about so that those searching for relevant information can find your site. However, just have great domain is just part of the story. There is still web design to content with. First, the site must look attractive or it may turn away return visitors. The website need to be designed to do what it is intended for. But a site with no traffic is useless to anyone. That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. There are techniques to increase the PageRank of your site and get high ranking with search engines so that your pages ends up in the first few results of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and thus get free organic traffic. PageRank of a website is highly dependent on getting many inbound links or backlinks, and you will see below how you can easily get that.

Adam Dicker expert domain industryTry typing "Adam Dicker" into the search box above and search. I tried and the very first link took me to DN Journal with a cover story titled "High Impact Sites: Inside Adam Dicker’s Domain Empire". Adam Dicker own the site Digital Consulting Group where he and his team offers, among others, SEO Phone Consultations, Instant SEO Backlinks, etc.

According to the cover story on DN Journal, Adam Dicker founded High Impact Sites, Inc. which owns thousands of thousands of high profile domains. According to Adam Dicker, the thing to remember on a $7 domain is that if it makes more than 2 cents a day it is profitable at the end of the year. In fact, he said he is in the process of buying an existing ICANN accredited registrar so that he can provide members of his DN Forum highly attractive rates to purchase domain names. That cover story was dated September 15, 2005 and at DN Forum, I see right at the top "DNForum - Domain Sales, Domain Appraisals, Domain Registrars" which looks like Adam Dicker got his way and is now in the position to register domain names.

According to that cover story, Adam Dicker started off with his first domain in 1996, but didn't get serious until he was given a tip to join DN Forum, which was started by a Virginia teenager named Dan Gessler. He learned much from members at the forum and fell in love with it. DN Forum was bought over by Texan Greg Ricks who made some dramatic changes including introducing paid membership. Adam Dicker then bought over the forum and introduced different levels of membership including free membership, Gold Lifetime Membership, Platinum Lifetime Membership and Exclusive Lifetime Membership, with each level of membership accorded a different level of privileges and services. The Exclusive Lifetime Membership offered the most, including 1 free website and logo designed of your choice, banner signature of your choice to be displayed under your profile, receive all features of memberships below as well as access to all forum sections, bonus 3000 F$ added to your account upon signup or upgrade to exclusive, complete list of many useful domain tools, access to their AdSense page tool, builds targeted AdSense pages within minutes to double your current revenue and access to Dnforum’s new SEO exclusive tools. You can sign up for a paid membership at DN Forum sign up page.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Test if Google Docs is downloadable

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Most Powerful Tool A Marketer Can Have

The Most Powerful Tool A Marketer Can Have
by: P.V. Reymond

In the Internet Marketing there are many tools that you can use in order to build your business or increase your income, you can find lot of software, books, videos, but you have to know how to use them.

Before you begin to use them you need to have clear many things, but there is a tool maybe you don't know well, and it is the most powerful tool that we all have, it is the mind.

Nothing can compete with your mind then you have to use it well. With your mind you'll be able to control everything. Did you know that Yoga experts can stop the beats of the heart or to have a surgery without anesthesia? Maybe someone doesn't believe it but it is true and in Internet Marketing is the same, If you are using your mind in the right way you'll get good results and you'll have a high percent to be successful.

In order to achieve your goals you need to be concentrated and have a clear vision of all the way you'll have to travel. You have to create the conditions for a good concentration removing all marginal distractions possible and ignoring others.

It's important to prepare a long term plan and divide it into levels and each level into a step by step process. Once you get level one you go to level two and so on. In all this system your mind plays a fundamental role because there is not software able to build your system, you are the only one that can build it, because you know what you want and where you want to go and this is the point, your mind is your guide it controls the whole process and it's stronger than any other tool you can have.

The essential thing is to maintain an attitude of mental activity, and to avoid anything that will reduce this and make you passive. Thinking and applying systematically will help you to grow, you'll discover the power of your mind. Train your mind.

Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Remember nobody learns from the mistakes of the others, you have to try and believe in you. Such fears should be put at rest. You only have to think, think and think and in this way you'll learn how to act and how to do everything right.

It's obvious that you'll have to face some problems traveling for your road, then your mind will come to help you and you'll find the solution in a short period of time. A powerful mind accomplishes results in the shortest time and with least waste motion.

In order to be successful in Internet Marketing you have to focus your niche and to pay close attention to it. Ask yourself, what am I looking for? Keep it in the background of your mind and search for the answer. Knowing everything about you and about what you want, will help you to develop your business.

Keep your mind free, keep a sharp lookout, at every point, to see that you build into the foundation only those materials and that workmanship which will support a masterly structure.

Everyone has difficulty in the concentration of attention, workers in business and industry, students and even professors, complain of the same difficulty. Attention seems in some way to be at the very core of mental activity.Therefore paying attention to your niche and working only in this direction is crucial.

Using your mind as a tool is the most effective factor to be successful.

This is a "Shareware" Article
(what's that? read on...)

This article is shareware. Give this article away for free on your site, or include it as part of any paid package as long as the entire article is leftintact including this notice.

This is a "Shareware" Article
(what's that? read on...)

This article is shareware. Give this article away for free on your site, or include it as part of any paid package as long as the entire article is left intact including this notice.

Copyright © 2006 PV Reymond.

About The Author

P.V. Reymond is a marketer that built his business alone. He was growing inside the crowd, studying and learning how big marketers treat their customers, and how customers want to be treated. He came out from the crowd to teach people the whole process in how to build a profitable Internet Business with his Free Internet Marketing Education. If you are not making money online or you want to increase your income, then you should visit his site

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Credit card payment processing for both low risk and high risk merchants

If you have just started an online or offline business, there is one vital facility you cannot do without nowadays, and that is to be able to accept credit card payment. And being new, you would be considered a high risk merchant and it would normally be quite difficult for you get that facility. However, there is hope. Here is a firm that is willing to take on high risk credit card processing. You can conveniently apply for a merchant account online at Advantage Processor and check what kind of terms they are willing to offer you.

However, Advantage Processors is not just for what are considered as high risk merchants. They also welcome established low risk merchants, probably with better terms. Or perhaps you already have credit card processing facility, but am not satisfied with the terms. Try applying online by filling in their Online Merchant Account Application Form, stating that you already have a merchant account and is checking on their rates. You may be in for some pleasant surprise.

If you want to learn more, read about them at Advantage Processors Services and at What Advantage Processors Do

In addition to credit card processing services, Advantage Processors also offers Solutions for Internet Merchants

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Affordable Search Engine Marketing

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Link popularity is important for search engine ranking, and Discount Click offers different levels of Manual Link Building Services. There are many other tools and services that Discount Click offers, and you can find out for yourself by visiting their website. Link building are offered on a one time payment basis, and there are no recurrent charges.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Direct Mail - the Deadly Sin Of Not Testing

Direct Mail - the Deadly Sin Of Not Testing
by: Robert Wilkinson

If there's one thing that makes direct mail a reliable method of drumming up new business, then that would have to be the ability to test if different version of a pack achieve a better return on investment. Having processed many mailings over the years, I can attest that clients rarely take full advantage of this feature. In fact, more often than not, clients don't test at all.

Not testing is commercial suicide. In today's competitive climate, if there is anything that can be done to reduce the cost of acquiring a customer, then it must be done. It's a no brainer. Research shows that in times of depression, those that continue to advertise are those that do well. It also shows that those that continue to advertise also make efforts to stretch their budget even further.

You decrease your direct mail costs by application of a little commonsense and by testing which produces the best response. We'll take the example of direct mail pack that comprises five parts in all.

The parts of the pack are as follows:

1) Envelope
2) Personalised letter
3) Brochure
4) Leaflet/Order form
5) Business reply Envelope

Looking at this you would think that this it, but we've forgotten the most important part of all:

6) The data

So, there's enough there now to get your message out.

Experience shows that the most important part of the mailing is the data, so we must test this part. A badly produced but well targeted letter will almost certainly produce a better return than a well written badly targeted letter.

You may have a particular target audience already decided, for example, lawyers. You will be able to get lists of lawyers from more than one source, that can be tested. Equally you'll have the option of mailing to a named individual, or to a job title, so you can test that too. So far that's at least four permutations provided you use 2 data suppliers. It would be 6 if you used 3 suppliers. If you hadn't narrowed your field to one sector, then the choice of tests to run could be massively increased, but it's not practical to take it to the extreme.

Targeting is everything, you must get that right, and you can only find that out if you test.

Looking at the envelope, you have a huge number of choice here too. You can send plain with a stamp, or printed with a message. You could make the material from an unusual paper, print in full colour, use different sizes. You could print different designs, use different taglines and the like.

Depending on how your envelope is made you may be able to run multiple designs for a minimal charge. The nature of some jobs is that they are printed 2 or 3 or up on a sheet, so you will be able to produce equal quantities of more than one design. Even if it's not free, chances are that it won't be hat expensive for a plate change.

For the letterhead, you can change the material. Studies by paper merchants have shown a 20% increase in response just by changing to a textured paper. The copy itself on the letter can be changed, offers can be changed. The number of options to test here is almost limitless.

Moving on to the leaflet, the same applies here as did for the letterhead. Copy, material, imagery; they're all fair game.

Last but not least we move on to the BRE. There's not a huge amount you could do here. White or manila envelopes perhaps? Maybe even a coloured BRE? if it isn't going to cost a lot, why not try it.

Using these methods over time you can increase the effectiveness of your mailings. Always test, even when you think you have the perfect pack, continue to run a test campaign against it, even if the difference between the two is really quite small. If you continue to do this, your costs to acquire a customer should fall and fall.

Overall, the point is that there an almost infinitely large and almost limitless opportunity for testing. Maybe it's this huge scope for testing that puts people off, but I don't think it is. I think it's just a lack of awareness of what you can do. You don't need to complicate things, you can just run two packs with one difference between them and see how it goes.

Whatever you do though, don't commit commercial suicide and fail to test.

About The Author

Robert Wilkinson is the owner of, a print, design and direct mail business specialising in direct mail and envelope production for small and medium sized businesses

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Direct Mail - Getting You Envelope Opened

Direct Mail - Getting You Envelope Opened
by: Robert Wilkinson

If you use direct mail it's in your best interest to get as much of it opened and read as possible. You may have spent a small fortune on the copywriting and the expensively printed brochure, but if you don't ensure that as many packs are opened and read as possible, then both copy and brochure are wasted.

There are two main schools of thought on how to avoid being binned. The first is to use disguise, and the second to use persuasion.

Using disguise is mainly a business to business approach but it works for business to consumer mailings too. Business to business promotional mailings are marked out in that they don't appear to have been handled individually. This can be indicated by an envelope pre-printed with a postage mark, and use of a window or address labels to show an address.

Try one or more of the following to give the envelope a more individual look.

Use stamps. They have to have been put on by hand, so it must be individual. There's no more obvious an indicator than a pre-printed stamp impression. When a preprinted impression is used in conjunction with a window envelope it practically screams advertising so don't do it.

Hand write the address on the envelope. This is probably only viable for higher value items but will certainly get more attention this way. It doesn't have to be copperplate, it just needs to look as though it's been handled individually.

Use an unusual material for the envelope, say vellum or a textured paper. In tests conducted by a paper merchant, this alone increased responses significantly. The additional cost for the special paper was more than compensated for by the additional revenue generated by the mailing.

Again, do anything to make your mailing appear more individual and personal to the recipient. Probably the most important element is the use of stamps. This on it's own can be enough to get you under the recipient's radar.

Secondly, use persuasive tactics. This is completely the opposite from disguise and is used mainly for business to consumer, but again it works for business to business too. In this instance we mark it out specifically as commercial by using advertising images, copy and headlines on the outside of the envelope itself. In this instance it doesn't matter if you use a printed postal impression.

Unlike the previous method which uses curiosity to get your envelope opened, we need to give the recipient a good reason to open the envelope. This can take a variety of forms, but as a couple of examples you can state a benefit, "Increase sales by 15%", or alternatively provide an incentive, "Reply by the end of the month and get 2 for the price of 1".

Be very clear and very specific about what the contents are going to achieve and remember you are only trying to get the envelope opened and read. Avoid anything vague. Don't expect to appeal to everyone using this method. You don't have that much room on the envelope, and you can't be all things to all people.

Hopefully you will achieve a strong enough response in a small percentage of recipients that they open, and read the contents. Your persuasive copy will follow on logically from the envelope copy, and keep your prospect interested.

There is a lot of advise against this in business to business direct mail, and there is probably an element of truth in this. If you are mailing to an executive whose mail is screened then it's likely good advice. However there are plenty of owner/managers out there that still open their own mail, if the offer or benefit is clear enough and of interest, it will get opened. You may well consign your mailing piece to the bin for the 99.5% of your prospects by doing this, but it wasn't about them was it?

In summary it's pretty simple. Don't be run of the mill. Step away from the norm and make sure your envelope is overtly commercial with a clear benefit or incentive or alternatively make it look it personal. If you do this you are halfway to getting it read and that's more than half the battle.

About The Author

Robert Wilkinson is th ownder of, a direct mail production company specilising in mailings for small and medium sized business.