Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Search Engine Optimization, Domain Services and Web Design

What are the ingredients for successful marketing, especially Internet marketing. To have a good domain with relevant, important keywords in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is important for search engines to know what your site is all about so that those searching for relevant information can find your site. However, just have great domain is just part of the story. There is still web design to content with. First, the site must look attractive or it may turn away return visitors. The website need to be designed to do what it is intended for. But a site with no traffic is useless to anyone. That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. There are techniques to increase the PageRank of your site and get high ranking with search engines so that your pages ends up in the first few results of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and thus get free organic traffic. PageRank of a website is highly dependent on getting many inbound links or backlinks, and you will see below how you can easily get that.

Adam Dicker expert domain industryTry typing "Adam Dicker" into the search box above and search. I tried and the very first link took me to DN Journal with a cover story titled "High Impact Sites: Inside Adam Dicker’s Domain Empire". Adam Dicker own the site Digital Consulting Group where he and his team offers, among others, SEO Phone Consultations, Instant SEO Backlinks, etc.

According to the cover story on DN Journal, Adam Dicker founded High Impact Sites, Inc. which owns thousands of thousands of high profile domains. According to Adam Dicker, the thing to remember on a $7 domain is that if it makes more than 2 cents a day it is profitable at the end of the year. In fact, he said he is in the process of buying an existing ICANN accredited registrar so that he can provide members of his DN Forum highly attractive rates to purchase domain names. That cover story was dated September 15, 2005 and at DN Forum, I see right at the top "DNForum - Domain Sales, Domain Appraisals, Domain Registrars" which looks like Adam Dicker got his way and is now in the position to register domain names.

According to that cover story, Adam Dicker started off with his first domain in 1996, but didn't get serious until he was given a tip to join DN Forum, which was started by a Virginia teenager named Dan Gessler. He learned much from members at the forum and fell in love with it. DN Forum was bought over by Texan Greg Ricks who made some dramatic changes including introducing paid membership. Adam Dicker then bought over the forum and introduced different levels of membership including free membership, Gold Lifetime Membership, Platinum Lifetime Membership and Exclusive Lifetime Membership, with each level of membership accorded a different level of privileges and services. The Exclusive Lifetime Membership offered the most, including 1 free website and logo designed of your choice, banner signature of your choice to be displayed under your profile, receive all features of memberships below as well as access to all forum sections, bonus 3000 F$ added to your account upon signup or upgrade to exclusive, complete list of many useful domain tools, access to their AdSense page tool, builds targeted AdSense pages within minutes to double your current revenue and access to Dnforum’s new SEO exclusive tools. You can sign up for a paid membership at DN Forum sign up page.

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